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Are you sick of living your life by default, by other people’s rules, and not following your dreams and passion?

Hi, I’m Monique Williams, The Intuitive Lifestyle Coach. And I’m here to share the spiritual, the mindset and the entrepreneurial ideas that will awaken you to your true potential and help you create a life that you LOVE!

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Trusting your intuition brings about that successful, secure, happy life you’ve been looking for.

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3 Things To Know About Your Intuition

Trusting your intuition over the way you’ve always done things can be fairly challenging. The comfort zone we create when we follow other’s expectations of us can seem very safe and secure. And when we’re ready for more in our lives and ready to follow that inner calling to start some new adventure, that safety […]

How To Handle It When Shit Goes Wrong

I love this quote. We don’t create fulfillment when things are easy. We find meaning, we find our courage when things get tough. But how do you handle it? You listen to your intuition. You handle it via whatever pathway, guidance, idea, nudge, thought, stream of consciousness presents itself to you. If you want to […]

Liberating Yourself From Other People’s Rules

In my 20s, I craved working for myself, thinking it would be the liberation that I needed from a lifestyle that just didn’t make sense to me… Like working 9 to 5 in the corporate world, and having an hour for lunch at 1 pm. WTF?! I was always hungry at 10 am and, therefore, […]

We all have an intuitive sense of what’s best. Follow it. This approach has never let me down. – Richard Branson

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