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Monique WilliamsAre you soulful, purposeful, driven? Or do you want to be?!

This is what I know about building a successful life as an entrepreneur – what it takes, what it feels like and why you want to do it anyway!

Hi, I’m Monique Williams, intuitive coach, spiritual teacher, and writer. This is the journey to creating an abundance of success, wealth, AND happiness…


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How to Manifest Any Goal

What’s the process behind manifestation? Can you put it into place easily? And where do you start? This video was originally recorded as part of a manifestation challenge I was running for my community. And in it, I’m sharing some really simple ideas that you can put into place straight away to understand the process […]

Time to Evolve

Here’s me, talking straight up about what I see in those who succeed and those who fail. I recorded this one day because I was sick of not saying it! It sparked a whole renewal of my ideas, my business and my intention (which you can read more about here.) I wanted you all to […]

Calmness of Mind & Why It’s Not Working

The elusive inner-peace! I’ve been studying Serenity from As a Man Thinketh over past 2 weeks for the Ignite Abundance Membership. And as I’ve been processing my own journey I thought these 2 ideas might be useful for you too: As James Allen says calmness of mind is a jewel of wisdom. It is the […]